Honey Sea Clay Mask Kit

Cocoa Flowers

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Honey Sea Clay Mask Kit is great for all skin types and provides amazing benefits. This clay mask is formulated to Rejuvenate and Regenerate skin. Our combination of gentle ingredients helps to improve your skins texture, reduce acne formation and inflammation.

USE: Use Non Metal Bowl and Utensil

  1. Mix 2-3 spoons of clay mask powder with equal parts water, until you have a smooth paste. Add more clay or water for desired consistency.
  2. Clean skin, and squirt 1-2 pumps of Cocoa Flowers Flower Power into hand, rub hands together and pat area with hands.
  3. Apply mask evenly to area. ALWAYS AVOID EYES and MOUTH.
  4. Allow mask to dry and rinse thoroughly with warm water
  5. Once clean apply a small amount of Flower Power to restore moisture balance

Once Clay Is Mixed With Water It Has Been Activated And Must Be Used

Helps With But Not Limited To:

Unclog & Shrink Pores

Detoxify Impurities

Fade Dark Spots

Reduce Inflammation

Reduce Acne Formation

Improve Skin Texture



As Always Our Products Are Clean

NO Added Colors

NO Toxic Chemicals

Derived From Plant, Seed, Nut, and Flower Based Ingredients

This Product Is NOT Designed, Formulated, or Intended To Treat, Cure, Diagnose, or Prevent Disease; or Systemic Conditions.